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Nogometna zveza Slovenije (Football Association of Slovenia) (Slovenia) - PROJECT PROMOTER

Football Association of Slovenia, as the umbrella football association, is responsible for development and organization of football in Slovenia. It organizes club competitions (football and futsal) on national and regional level in all categories (both men and women), takes care of its national teams, development of youth and grassroots football, registration of clubs and players, education of clubs, coaches, referees, event organization etc. The Football Association of Slovenia has 11 constitutive members, of which 9 regional associations, referees association and coaches association. NZS administration has 45 employees. Organization consists of general assembly, president and the executive committee, supervisory board, first and second instance bodies, advisory committees and administration. Administration is led by the general secretary and is divided in several units: Technical, Competitions and Licensing, Finance, Executive office, International and Legal, Marketing & Communication, Event Management. In 2019 Football Association of Slovenia has 281 active clubs with 1.515 teams, 49.000 registered players, 960 referees and 1.523 active coaches.


Football Federation of Macedonia 

The Football Federation of Macedonia has the privilege, responsibility and opportunity to organize football in Macedonia in all its aspects. We are working on the development of the amateur and professional football in partnership and cooperation with FIFA and UEFA, as football organizations where we are participating as affiliated members. In terms of development, we are also cooperating with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, with the local businesses, and of course, the sponsors. Undertaking the role and the responsibility of organizing football, we have to adapt to the ever changing and developing environment. We have to face all the new challenges that football brings in the world. We have to set new targets that will lead us to success, in a fair manner and that will represent true values. Each year we will try to be winners in sport, in organization and in administration. Our mission is to serve and to lead the Football Federation of Macedonia towards reaching the goals and to build an integrity based on successful leadership in order to preserve the game of football in its entirety; To protect and to care for the future of football, through straightening of the winning mentality and through enabling the pursuit of a career path to all of those that want to be part of the football game in Macedonia. Our mission also is to open the doors of cooperation with the local and regional organizations, associations, clubs, leagues, viewers, supporters and all the other stakeholders that lead the game and support the growth, the development a and the continuity of the Macedonian football.

TDM 2000 International (Italy)

Back in 2008, TDM2000 International was born as an independent organization which strives to foster cooperation through the institution of an extensive European network of well-established youth NGOs. Currently we count 30 members in 24 countries.  Active in developing strategies to tackle issues affecting European youth, our work supports them in achieving an active role in their community, in order to bring creativity and innovative ideas, towards the acquisition of competences also useful to enter the labour market. We create links between young adults, policy makers, media and other stakeholders promoting the involvement of young people in the decision-making process underlining their key role for our societies. As umbrella organization our main goal is to support the growth of our members by creating and providing tools to foster their empowerment.


FIBA Europe e.V. (Germany)

FIBA Europe is a Zone created under the General Statutes of Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA). FIBA Europe is organised as a registered Association. Its seat is in Munich, Germany. FIBA Europe consists of 50 national member federations and is designated as the sole competent authority authorised and delegated by FIBA for promoting, supervising, and directing all men’s and women’s basketball activities within the European Zone. FIBA Europe fulfils this purpose in particular to promote the practice of basketball in the territory under its jurisdiction. For example by educating and training players, referees and coaches, support of teams at youth competitions, support for basketball for disabled people and to control the organisation of international competitions in Europe, both for national teams and club teams, in a permanent, regular manner and in strict compliance with the FIBA Official Basketball Rules. Currently FIBA Europe employes 28 permanent members of staff. There are also up to 50 freelance contractors employed at various periods of the year. 

Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Cáceres (Caceres Chamber of Commerce – CCC) (Spain)

The Cáceres Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (henceforth CCC) is a Public Law Corporation founded in 1899 whose main aim is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of commerce, industry and services in the province of Cáceres. CCC actively collaborates with more than 30,000 regional based companies, serving them through its  regional network: 3 local branches, 2 business incubators (temporary shelter structure designed to start-ups) and 2 One-Stop offices for business, in this way covering its region providing value to implement economic development programs.  During years CCC has managed ERDF and ESF public funds aimed at business promotion, ITCs, innovation, entrepreneurship, employment and education, so they have the staff and expertise needed to participate in EU projects linked to SMEs' needs.

The Foundation for Entrepreneurial Participation (TFEP) (UK) 

EU15 Ltd is a training and software development company that has been specialising in eLearning solutions for both the public and private sectors. EU15 Ltd offers a full range of advisory services for all types of organisations and its staff have over 25 years of developing training programmes (both online and off-line). In 2013 (with the financial support of the UK Government) EU15 created a specialised division -THE FOUNDATION FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL PARTICIPATION (TFEP - whose major objective is to develop and implement an entrepreneurial eco-system to assist entrepreneurs to develop themselves, innovate and partner with other enterprises. TFEP staff will lead EU15’s project activities as they have been involved with a number of activities relating to entrepreneurship, which can be found can be found on our website ( and includes such activities as the provision of self-assessment on-line competency tool for budding & existing entrepreneurs; a Barbados Entrepreneurship Support Programme (BESP) - a joint venture programme with the Barbados Government; The Caribbean Entrepreneurship Learning Initiative (a joint venture programme with the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) - covering 9 Caribbean Islands).

Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA)

Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan was established in 1992 as a Public Union under the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is a member of UEFA and FIFA. With its 4 constituting members, AFFA is a responsible body in Azerbaijan for the development and organization of football, since then. AFFA’s main functions are organization of football competitions, issuing licenses for the participation in the competitions, supporting those who wishes to participate in the development of football in Azerbaijan, especially in the rural areas and so on. AFFA and its member federations organize several football competitions in Azerbaijan, such as Azerbaijan Premier League, Azerbaijan Cup and many other amateur competitions. AFFA has its supreme administrative body – AFFA Conference and its executive body – Executive Committee. Organizational structure also includes President, Vice Presidents and General Secretary. AFFA realizes its day-to-day works within several departments, including Accounting and Finance, Legal, Marketing and many others. AFFA supports footballers to participate in football coaching licensing courses. There is a 50% discount for male footballers to participate in C, B, and A license courses, and for female footballers, it is even free. Empowerment Academy for Girl Players has been established in the framework of the partnership with UNICEF. Invited experts help girl players strengthen their foundational life skills through a series of classes provided to U-17 WNT players. In the framework of the course, UNICEF also provides psychological guidance to participants. In 2019, the Academy will broaden its reach to other teams and review experts’ staffing to ensure sustainability of the project. The AFFA has 100+ paid staff.

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