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Training Programme

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1st October 2020 – 30th September 2021

As a result of the findings of Output 1 the lead Partner coordinated, developed, customised and “pilot tested” a targeted training programmes for sports people in respect of entrepreneurship and football. (Although the resulting outputs will be transferable to other sports). This included a Trainer Toolkit.

This Output is a unique 'step-by-step' blended learning entrepreneurship training programme for sports people – using both on-line and off-line activities -  including activities relating to the key overlapping entrepreneurship and football characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess. Interestingly, those same characteristics can be identified in athletes, although they are applied in different ways.


Passion. Most entrepreneurs are driven by a passion for their business. It is the force that keeps them burning the midnight oil, working weekends and holidays. A sincere belief that the work they are doing is important can keep the entrepreneur working through rough times.

Tenacity. When things are going well, it is easy to go to work. The successful entrepreneur, however, continues to work even when things get difficult. When faced with failure, the entrepreneur refuses to give up and will find ways to be successful, despite roadblocks that may occur.


Vision. Seeing a path to success is a trait that entrepreneurs possess. In spite of naysayers, the entrepreneur can set a path towards the vision that they have for their business.


Self-confidence. An entrepreneur has the confidence that they will be able to succeed, and is more willing to take risks because of that self-confidence. They know that they are in a unique position to succeed, due to their confidence in their abilities.


Flexibility. The role of an entrepreneur demands flexibility. Being able to make changes, take on additional job responsibilities or move the business in a different direction is a key characteristic of a successful entrepreneur.


Rule-breaking. A willingness to break the rules is another important aspect of a successful entrepreneur. By defying conventional wisdom, the entrepreneur is able to create new technologies, processes and products that revolutionize the business world.


Tolerance for fear. It can be frightening to assume the risk of starting a business, venture into an unknown field or ask for funding for a product that doesn’t yet exist. The entrepreneur must be able to move beyond the fear by harnessing it and using it as fuel.


Mutual learning and cooperation: The promotion and dissemination of the training course throughout Europe to young people, youth workers, training institutions and football clubs, in an effort to enhance the entrepreneurial mind set and competencies of young people, as determined by the “Analytical Activities”.


The similarities between the entrepreneur and the footballer are striking. To be successful in either arena – the business office or the playing field – the participant must learn to maximize their strengths and negate their weaknesses. Bringing together these two disciplines are both innovative and unique and will provide the appropriate mind set and competencies for a young person to succeed as an entrepreneur. They can learn what needed using a blended learning approach – learning the practical approach at a football club and the theoretical approach using the on-line training programme.

A comprehensive Training Programme and Trainer Toolkit has been developed for use by individuals, football clubs and training institutes with the expectation that they will adapt/modify the programme to suit their Country and cultural needs.

A series of self-assessments associated with the Training Programme have also been developed for sports men and women who wish to become entrepreneurs and wish to test their competences to determine their “skill level deficit”, and as a consequence what further training they require.

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